EP Review: Floating Room – ‘Tired and True’

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False Baptism, the previous album from Floating Room, the project of Portland multidisciplinary artist Maya Stoner, was a cool, striking slice of lo-fi indie rock. Songs like “Dog” and “Seashell” presented a wealth of promise in Stoner’s writing and showcased her powerful presence. Her new EP, Tired and True takes the peaks of False Baptism and retools them, building a triumphant, bold update to her sound. Stoner is joined by a group of talented musicians including Mo Troper, who co-produced the EP. Together, the songs sound fuller, more vivacious, and more imposing. 

Instilled with the powers of spindly math-rock and glimmering dream-pop, songs like “Held Open Door” resemble the kind of material you hear once and just know is going to linger with you. Stoner sings “I know I am strong, but strength don’t get me high” on the chorus. The sentiment calls to mind the eschewal of strength found in Mannequin Pussy’s “Drunk II.” 

On “Warm Death (HIFI)” Stoner resurrects a song from her debut album, Sunless, reimagining it in a new style. The song is one of the best headphones listens I’ve heard in some time. You owe it to yourself to examine each facet of the production. The guitars rise and crash like waves, the shimmering synths fluttering deep in the mix only to wow you once you’ve noticed them. While choosing a highlight from so many strong tracks feels difficult, I have to land on “Gun.” The cut closes out the EP with a tunnel of guitar and hectic drums. Stoner’s performance is charismatic and buried enough in the mix it reminds me of Is This It?. 

Tired and True has all the makings of a breakthrough release, one overdue for Floating Room. Had the stars aligned, either of their past offerings had the potential to gain them the clout and credibility of a rising talent. The glow up here though is undeniable. Stoner sounds rightly confident, even when the songs veer towards vulnerability. 

Disappointing / Average/ Good / Great / Phenomenal

Eric Bennett | @seething_coast

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