EP Review: “All Roads Lead To The Gun II” – Militarie Gun

Posted: by The Editor

Militarie Gun have released a killer EP (no pun intended) All Roads Lead To The Gun II. Their sound feels right out the late 80’s/90’s hardcore punk era. Yet with this being released in 2021, there is a new context to which a band like Militarie Gun is existing in. The hardcore genre has widened tremendously. Bringing into question hardcore’s true root sound as it can get lost within the new sound of other hardcore bands. What Militarie Gun does so well on this EP is pay homage to that original hardcore sound and attitude. Keeping production low key with fast tempo and screaming vocals. This is what hardcore is all about.

First track, “Big Disappointment” is far from what the title suggests. The track opens with a classic hardcore riff of distorted guitars. Quickly the vocals come in with more of a yelling tone than screaming, but nonetheless very signature of old school hardcore. The lyrics of the chorus show the rage and aggression that comes with a band like Militarie Gun. “Burned beaten bludgeoned brain/That I can’t save/Though I tried to/Though/I tried to/Force of nature pain/A relationship stain/And it stains and it stains.” Second track “Disposable Plastic Trash” showcases the drums very well. The drums carry most of the rhythm throughout the entire track with punchy and tight hits. While the guitar tone stays more true to a typical “rock” guitar tone. What makes this track so great is that punk-style fast-pace of it. It’s truly reminiscent of a Minor Threat or Fugazi kind of sound. 

Last two tracks “Background Kids” and “All Roads Lead To The Gun” offer even more of a glimpse into Militarie Guns’ sound. “Background Kids” taking on a slower tempo but still having that whiney-flare that comes with the territory of being in hardcore/punk. While “All Roads Lead To The Gun” trots the line between hardcore and punk. The tempo is a bit faster but isn’t too aggressive and picks up at times throughout the track. This is why a band like Militarie Gun fits so well into 2021 hardcore. What hardcore is now is much more inclusive in defining its sound. It still holds true to its root sound but now expands further and further in what it can be.

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by Sarah Knoll

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