EP Premiere: Yellow Room — ‘Taking Care’

Posted: by The Editor

Comprised of Annie Fifer on guitar and vocals, Jordan Krinsky on bass, and Kyle Rosse on drums, Portland indie-rockers Yellow Room write songs that sound like they were made to be listened to while you watch rain splash up against the window on a cloudy day. On their impressive debut EP, Taking Care, Yellow Room combines hazy slowcore with dream-pop, their best songs gently drift away and dissolve like a fading memory. The band’s music is warm and atmospheric, Fifer’s shimmering vocals act almost like a beacon of light amidst a sea of fuzzed-out guitars, searching for a way out of the gloom and malaise of everyday life. Stream Taking Care below, ahead of it’s release this Friday via Good Cheer Records.


Michael Brooks // @nomichaelbrooks 

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