EP Premiere: Two Houses-‘Miserable Place’

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Pat Houdek

Two Houses started a decade ago as friends who met while going to college on the northwest side of Chicago. They were bonded by a love of all things punk, initially starting out playing Against Me! covers before writing songs of their own. Over the intervening years, they’ve lived through several micro generations of punk. Venues that were central for them are no longer there. But throughout the changes, they still retain the specificity of a Chicago punk band that formed in the early 2010s. The new two-song EP, Miserable Place, which we’re premiering today, directly reflects that. The album art is an homage to the Bust! album Suck Cuts. I still feel like it is a hidden gem of Chicago punk that more people should listen to. Here’s what the band had to say about the new EP:

“With these two songs, we wanted to take a look back without getting steeped in nostalgia. “Miserable Place” is a celebration of strange characters we’ve met and unsavory locales where we’ve stayed and kicked it over the years—a sort of exercise in euphoric recall. “Milkshake” is an old favorite. We used to cover that song in a fashion much truer to the original, but as we’ve all grown into slower and steadier lives, so has the steez in which we rock. As always, there are the classic dichotomies of good times and bad times, love and fear, epic highs, and crushing lows. Duality of man. You know the drill.”

Check out the EP below:

Hugo Reyes | @hvreyes5

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