EP Premiere: Tom Danks — “George Gloomy”

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There’s a lot of weight that comes with poor decisions and the growth that has to happen to lift it. The grungy Madison, Wisconsin based trio Tom Danks explores this and other topics like longing and the desire to get over numbness through their three song release, ‘George Gloomy”.

“These songs are not only very personal, but they’re definitely a time capsule of a very specific time in my life. One where I was filling voids and looking for affection everywhere, except for in the places that I already had it,” shares vocalist and guitarist Karl Schultz. “As I was writing the songs for this EP, I was experiencing things and meeting people that have changed my life for the better, and had a profound effect on the way that I walk through this world.”

The EP comes out on Friday, February 7 but you can listen to it early below.


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