EP Premiere: Surely Temple—’It’s Later Now’

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Surely Temple is the epitome of an old dog learning new tricks. Although they themselves are young, their influences and styles are from a point in DIY emo music that is years old. While they are clearly impacted by bands such as Glocca Morra, Marietta, and Algernon Cadwallader, they bring new voices and ideas to the table that have not been touched yet. In September of 2018,,= the band put out their debut EP, Skeleton Sharkjaw, by themselves. A year later, they have re-recorded and re-released the original five songs, and also put out this second EP entitled It’s Later Now with Chatterbot Records. 

The project opens up with a track called “Wallace & Grimace,” which starts with a Pavement-esque lead and quickly builds into a full-band, twinkly, poppy song to scream to. “Something about you is keeping me up at night” are the words Surely Temple’s drummer and lead singer Olive Gordon sings during the refrain. While the meaning of this line can be interpreted a plethora of ways, it is without a doubt one of the catchiest choruses an emo song has had in a long time.

After this, Surely goes back to its twinkly-mathy roots with the song “enough.” This is the first track where guitarist Jonathon Collins and bassist Bryson Chavez really shine through, while still allowing Gordon’s vocals to lead the song from one end to the other. Luckily for us, it doesn’t end there, as every track following this one perfectly encapsulate how talented every member of Surely Temple is. 

You can stream the whole EP here in full: 

It’s Later Now is out this Friday via Chatterbot Records.

Jordi Perbtani | @halo2remastered

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