EP Premiere: Shormey—’Boogie Tape Vol. 1′

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On Shormey Adumuah’s latest project, the four-song Boogie Tape Vol. 1, there’re tracks called “Boogie Island,” “Cruise,” and just simply, “LA.” One glance at those and the EP’s sunset-tinged cover art, and you’re prepared for what’s to come: four, glistening neo-disco tracks with the smoke-scented kiss of modern psych-pop. It’s music for doing exactly what the titles suggest; rolling down coastal parkways, dancing on rooftops, smoking on beaches, or kicking back in your bedroom and imagining what it might be like to do those things.

The Virginia producer, who just goes by Shormey, proudly crafted the whole thing in her bedroom. Although many of the beats are crisp and ripe for quirky club floors, there’s a wafer-like quality to the mixes that give them a delicate and ephemeral character, as if they could crumble into particulars at any moment and blend into the air of the room. That’s not to discount the many layers Shormey packs into each track, specifically her dense vocal effects and plunky keyboard strokes on the groovin’ “LA.” It’s moreso a comment on the atmosphere her songs evoke, one in which the music is literally connected with the energy of the room it’s being played in.

Her songs have a physical quality, and although I’ve only ever consumed them in my own bedroom, the fact that I can draw so much tactility out of them is a testament to their viscerally gorgeous and colorful nature.

You can, and should, stream the whole thing below and see for yourself:

Boogie Tape Vol. 1 is out 5/10 via Citrus City.

Eli Enis | @eli_enis

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