EP Premiere: poltergeist. – ‘Mercury’

Posted: by The Editor

The trio of tracks that make up poltergeist.’s Mercury are full of lush guitar sounds draped around the straightforward choruses that encourage you to sing along. Each tune has a different lyric in the refrain that nearly morphs into an incantation with its chant-like repetition—“every day’s the same” in “Headache,” “you can’t have it all” in “Mercury,” and the “I wish you’d do the same for me,” which twists into “you don’t have to…” and “why can’t you…” with the same ending in “Wish.” The heavy guitars on the EP range from hyper quick strums to more droning chords that bleed through the mix, the punchy percussion gives each track a bit of an edge, and the vocal melodies are drenched in a sense of yearning.

Check out Mercury below, or wherever you stream music.

Aaron Eisenreich | @slobboyreject

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