EP Premiere: Old Moon – ‘Under All Skies’

Posted: by The Editor

With a lead guitar line straight from an 80s dance and a beat that seems to push forward with intensity, “Dark Blue Morning” opens Old Moon’s new EP Under All Skies evoking a party atmosphere. But here, the party is starting to feel lonely and claustrophobic as the song takes a turn at the three-minute point and you know you have to escape. From this point, Under All Skies feels like the walk home from that party, trading smoke machines and strobe lights for the foggy neon-lit streets, as “Candle” feels particularly like a lonesome reflective walk, with once-forgotten moments popping up in your head as you aimlessly tread the same route you have countless times. The walk continues, soundtracked by jangly guitars, huge choruses, basslines that seem to inspire notions of greatness, and booming drums, while thoughts push through like “forget those old mistakes and disassociate” on “All It Takes” or “taking different roads to hold the same line / and you’re a little bit high / you never took the time to love” on “Consecrated Life.” The EP ends on “Crowned in Laurel,” the spaciest, most open tune, calling to mind the same kind of wide-open landscapes as Springsteen’s best work in the 80s.

We’re psyched to premiere Under All Skies before it hits streaming services tomorrow. You can also pick up a tape from Relief Map Records.

Aaron Eisenreich | @slobboyreject

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