EP Premiere: Half Thought — ‘Survival Clause’

Posted: by The Editor

Last year I remember becoming immediately obsessed with the music of Half Thought, specifically the ways in which the band was able to write songs that detail the innermost anxious and self-detrimental thoughts lingering inside of our brains, and in turn funneling those insecurities through blistering arrangements and raucous hooks. To say this kind of music was in my wheelhouse would be an understatement. The Philadelphia quartet are following up their self-titled debut from last year with a brand new EP titled Survival Cause, which is available right now. On Survival Cause, the band branches out from the wiry fuzz-punk of their debut, allowing their music to explore uncharted territories with an unbridled enthusiasm. 

The EP begins with “Roundabout” and “Exposure,” a one-two punch of infectious slacker pop that would have fit right in on their debut. Later in the EP they experiment with hazy midwest emo on highlight “Lower Orbit” and drift into slow-moving, anxious slowcore on the title-track. Dual vocalists Travis Arterburn and Tom Anthony have distinct qualities to their voices but they both share a deadpan delivery, making their neurotic lyrics about the monotony of everyday life spill out at a half-drunk stumble atop the sway of knotty and unnerving guitar lines. At only five songs the EP is short and sweet, a welcome leap forward for the band that hints at all the different directions their next full-length could go.

Stream it below:


Michael Brooks // @nomichaelbrooks 

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