EP Premiere: Griefeater – ‘For Once, Then, Something’

Posted: by The Editor

Last year Chicago’s Griefeater burst onto the scene with their debut EP Will You Please Be Quiet, PleaseThe foursome cited bands like Title Fight and Cloakroom as inspiration for their fuzzy, emo-leaning alt rock, and while shades of those bands show up throughout the EP, it was a remarkably well-crafted, the work of a band drawing from their influences without clinging to them.

Barely over a year later they’ve returned with For Once, Then, Something, a new six-song collection that doubles down on what made Will You Please Be Quiet, Please? such an impressive debut. These songs lean a little more into the darker ’90s alt tones that’ve been super popular lately, but like on the last EP, it feels like the band’s own take on the sound. Singles “Sienna” and “Dust” show off the band’s control of dynamics, and opener and closer “Bounty Hunter” and “Do You Really?” are the heaviest songs Griefeater’s ever penned–the latter, in particular, is crushing, a six-minute epic that spirals out from simmering slowcore to raging grunge. Every song on here is gripping, and there’s little doubt in my mind Griefeater’s onto something special.

So I’m excited that The Alt is exclusively premiering For Once, Then, Something two days early. Give it a listen below.

For Once, Then, Something is out Friday.


Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison

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