EP Premiere: Glazed – ‘1999’

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Allow Glazed to reintroduce themselves. The band formed in 2013 in the suburbs of Jacksonville, Florida, playing emo-tinged pop-punk in sweaty living rooms, warehouses, and dive bars around the Sunshine State. Glazed has the beefy riffs and infectious hooks that seems to come effortlessly to Florida bands: it’s pop-punk to lift weights to, the kind of huge, high-energy tunes that come from musicians who have been polishing their chops since the Myspace era.

1999, the band’s first release since You’ve Changed in 2016, is named in part as an homage to the band’s heroes: “”I think that number represents the eve of change and the sweet sting of nostalgia that keeps us honest,” says guitarist and vocalist Justin Belichis. “When I listen to bands who put out music around that time, like Saves The Day, The Get Up Kids, or Dashboard Confessional, I can seriously become a less jaded version of myself. It’s temporary. But it’s powerful.”

With 1999, Glazed set out to recreate that same endless feeling of pop-punk’s golden era, but for an EP inspired by nostalgia, it marks a new era for the band, less indebted to its inspiration than anything they’ve released before. The leap in production value highlights the layers of guitar texture that push these songs from “catchy” to “anthemic.” The instrumental final minute of “Disheveled” stacks riffs on riffs with measured precision, and “Anthropology of an Apology” is an exercise in restraint, steadily building into the searing final chorus. Pop-punk and emo are known for juvenilia, but as their sound continues to mature, Glazed are proving that pop-punk can age well.

Vero Beach independent music label Ooze Records will release 1999, the band’s first formal EP. It was produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Josh Cobb at Rockbot Studios in Jacksonville, Florida.

1999 will be available on your preferred streaming service and for purchase on Bandcamp tomorrow, 1/31/20, but you can listen the 5 song EP now below.

Album Art by Madelyn Hackl

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