EP Premiere: Commonweather – ‘Sugar Sun’

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Chicago, IL, alt-rockers Commonweather will be releasing their third EP Sugar Sun this Friday, but fear not – we’re here with an exclusive premiere of the album a couple of days early. Microwave’s Nathan Hardy and Travis Hill produced the EP, and Microwave isn’t a bad touchstone for Commonweather’s sound, because the four-piece sounds a little bit like the band Microwave might’ve been between the poppier Stovall and the more straightforward rock of Much Love. There are traces of Valleyheart, Citizen, and Sunsleeper here too, but don’t get me wrong; Commonweather are a band all their own. Opener “Crave” is a driving and dynamic alt-rock song that sets perfectly the tone for the next two songs. Frontperson Justin Olin described single “Mellow Drama” as a song about “feeling worn out”: “Putting yourself first is an important boundary, but if it’s miscommunicated in a relationship, it can come off as negative, or removed.” The acoustic title track might be the EP’s best moment, though. “Sugar Sun” is Commonwealth at their most vulnerable, closing out the EP on a high note. 

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Zac Djamoos

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