EP Premiere: AD.UL.T—’A Dainty Bit’

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Photo by: Nicole Walker

It’s always satisfying when a piece of music has the perfect visual accompaniment. Although there’re certainly great records with ill-fitting cover art, music videos that capture the energy of the song and album artwork that fully embodies the record itself have become even more desirable in the age of visual overload. In fact, they’ve arguably become essential for locking in audiences with minuscule attention spans and letting them know right off the bat what they’re in for. The latest project from Boston noise-pop duo AD.UL.T sounds like the screaming rows of human centipede-connected heads that’re streaming from the ears of the monstrous demon on the EP’s cover art. Seriously, three seconds into A Dainty Bit, which we’re premiering below, and you’ll get it.

Opener “Pole Shift” features banshee-like croons drowned in vocal distortion, an avalanche of drums, and a bassline that, if soloed within the mix, could pass for a Meshuggah riff. Every lyric is unintelligible and each instrument is overloaded to the point where the mere image of witnessing this live sets off my tinnitus. But amidst the discordance, AD.UL.T are writing genuine pop songs. “Slutty” and “SELAH” have basslines that are hooky and, within the proper context, could be danced to. In this band, the hellish vocals are the noisemakers, whereas the bass produces the melodies. It’s an odd arrangement, but they make it work.

AD.UL.T are ridiculous and these four songs are insane. It’s guaranteed headache music if it lasts longer than 15 minutes. Fortunately, it doesn’t. A Dainty Bit is a project that gets right in and gets right out, but while it’s there it’s the only thing that matters.

Stream the arresting 15 minutes in full right here:

A Dainty Bit is out this Friday 7/13.

Eli Enis | @eli_enis

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