EP Premiere: Abacot – ‘Promo 2023’

Posted: by The Editor

Abacot is the new project from Claudio Benedi, formerly the vocalist of Commander Salamander. With Abacot’s debut Promo 2023, Benedi takes the bright emo pop of Commander Salamander and distills it into its most essential elements. The EP officially drops tomorrow, ahead of the band’s first ever show opening for Oriami Angel in DC, but we’ve got an exclusive premiere today. Promo 2023 was recorded with Ryland Heagy of Origami Angel, and if you like that band’s summery approach to the genre, you’ll love Abacot. Benedi shares:

“These three songs represent aspects of the worst three years of my life. From the trials and tribulations of owning a twenty-plus year old car, to setting hard boundaries with narcissists, and anxiety attacks manifested as a horror film villain. Though the overarching vibe is still somehow mostly optimistic.

I write and structure all my songs on guitar first. I brought these 3 to Ryland early this year who helped me flesh them out in demo form and then in finalized recordings. He played a massive support role in creating these songs every step of the way.”

Check out Promo 2023 below.


Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison

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