Video Interview: Eichlers on the Magic of Hyperska

Posted: by The Editor

Ska: a great genre of music that’s been around for a while. Hyperpop: an exciting newer genre. But what is hyperska? In the same realm of treating chocolate and peanut butter as two great tastes that taste great together, Oakland-based artist Eichlers has combined the classic horn-spiked pep of ska with the wild mood shifts and over-the-top bubblegum production of hyperpop on his recently released album My Checkered Future, off Bad Time Records.

I talked to Eichlers about how his journey to hyperska got started, the power of nostalgic music production, and why it’s so important for the ska community to be accepting of everyone. Watch this latest episode of our music talk show Get Involved to get into Eichlers and his extremely fun musical vibe-mashup.

Check out Eichlers’ album here.

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Molly Mary O’Brien | @missmollymary

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