EP Premiere: Ease/Weathering

Posted: by The Editor

We are premiering Ease and Weathering’s new self-titled split which will be out tomorrow through Sunday Drive Records. The Sacramento based bands have slowly been creating a name for themselves within the DIY community, offering indie musings with dark twists. As both label-mates and friends, they’ve created a striking six minute EP that delves deep into themes of self sabotage and regret. 

Weathering, forming in 2019, released their debut EP I Come Down last November with 80’s new-wave dreams and emo adjacent influences like Nothing and Cloakroom. Leaning on the more post-hardcore side of the spectrum, Ease was founded just three years prior, in 2016. 

“Changing Colors” features flowy synths counter-balanced by heavy guitars. According to Weathering, it’s a song about “self sabotage and learning how to be comfortable with being cared for. Everybody wants love, but most of us deeply fear the pain of losing it at the same time.” It features a softness teetering on guttural tones, reflecting the warmth of falling in love with an angry pestering in the back of your head telling you to leave before things go astray. Vocalist Elinor Carbone brings life to the story with the line, “Watch me kick the dust up / don’t like it settling down”. 

Ease breaks the few seconds of silence with, “What the fuck am I doing with my life”. It stands as more of a statement than a question. The track was written in 2017, but is something that most people can relate to regardless. “Lifetime is essentially a song about wasting your youth. It’s about waking up day after day without purpose or direction in the most critical years of your life” explained Daniel Trombley. 

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Emily Kitchin//@deathnap4cutie