Dead Selves and the Intense Backstory of Writing “Ridgeview”

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New Year’s Eve is an intense date by any measure—trying to set the tone for your upcoming year by scrambling to have the Best Night Ever and falling short is something we can probably all relate to— but for Zack Fowler of Dead Selves, New Year’s 2016 was the culmination of a unique assortment of emotional influences that ended in a raw and relentless song called “Ridgeview.”

I talked with Zack for a brand-new episode of The Alternative’s music talk show Get Involved about the backstory of writing the song. What I heard was a weaving tale of a dead-end job, a busted car, a reckoning with sobriety and some lightning-in-a-bottle songwriting to capture the end-of-year mood. Remember VH1 Storytellers? This is kind of like that, but better.
Watch the video to get the whole story and then stay tuned for the new Dead Selves single “Leather Teeth,” out July 1. 
Dead Selves are on Bandcamp here and on a big tour this summer whose dates are here.
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Molly O’Brien | @missmollymary

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