Contribute to Music Editor Delaney’s Master Road Trip Playlist

Posted: by The Editor


Hi everyone, Delaney here. I’m excited to be moving to the Bay Area this weekend for a super cool internship at a music festival in San Francisco. That means I’ll have a 9+ hour drive ahead of me as I pack up from Portland, OR and head south for the summer. I’m asking you all to provide me with the proper soundtrack for such an event, and inviting you to add you selections to my public road trip/moving playlist. So far I only have the essentials, so just Third Eye Blind’s “Semi-Charmed Life”. I leave sometime Friday night/Saturday morning so you have until then. I’m trusting y’all with this, so please don’t make it suck.

Add your selections HERE.

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P.S. Yes, you can add your own band’s music.

-Delaney |@loser513