Comp for Palestine!

Posted: by The Editor

Particularly after last night, we all need a way to feel like we can make the world better. The crew at Gardenhead Records have done something really beautiful here, collecting nearly thirty tracks from a variety of indie rockstars (including Tenci, A. Savage, Cindy Lee, Julie Doiron, and many of your other favorites) with all money going to the Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund. It’s only a dollar, and it’s well worth your money–the great music is just a bonus. Gardenheads founder Etai Fuchs shares of the comp that “The Palestinian people have endured a decades long occupation, apartheid regime, and a brutal ethnic cleansing campaign perpetuated by the state of Israel with full support from the USA. As musicians we want to use our art and our platforms to advocate for Palestinian liberation. Solidarity to the Palestinians and all people protesting and advocating for a free Palestine.” Please consider donating:

Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison

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