Video Interview: Carly Cosgrove Need a Tea Relay

Posted: by The Editor

Here’s a list of things you need to make a new Carly Cosgrove record: commitment to nailing live takes, a friend who plays a mean trumpet, and at least several boxes of Throat Coat tea. On the latest episode of The Alternative’s music talk show Get Involved, hosted by Alt video editor Molly Mary O’Brien, the Philadelphia trio shared a bit of what went on behind the scenes to get their debut album See You In Chemistry (out March 25th on Wax Bodega) done and dusted.

Carly Cosgrove’s music has been described as everything from “Philly nostalgiacore” to “indieemomathpunk,” but perhaps most importantly, it’s Friend Rock. Vocalist/guitarist Lucas Naylor, bassist Helen Barsz and drummer Tyler Kramer clearly operate through a strong bond, which helps them churn out complex and raw tunes like “Really Big Shrimp,” and also extends to external artistic collaborations with folks like Santo Donia, who shot and directed the can’t-look-away music video for their single “Munck.”

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Molly Mary O’Brien | @missmollymary

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