Bryson the Alien Releases a Remix of “New York”

Posted: by The Editor


Portland is the whitest major city in the US. We love our kombucha in our new food cart pop up in whatever neighborhood is currently being gentrified. So it comes as no surprise to me when anyone says that hip hop and rap aren’t exactly the first genres that come to mind when they think of the “Portland Sound.” But quite frankly, to that I say– you’re just not looking hard enough. Yes that’s right, the land of beards and beer actually has a really amazing hip hop and rap scene that’s chalk full of talent. Some of these many talents are the Sumalienz troop. Giving a face and form to the troop is spearhead Bryson the Alien. An alien of many talents, Bryson never stops. One of his most recent releases, “New York” features Mai Mae- a fellow member of Sumalienz, and vocalist of Portland band Fringe Class. The track tells the indie movie-esq story of Bryson’s trip through New York and the lovely lady he meets at the art gallery. To make it even better, we at The Alternative have a new remix of the single. Done by Alpha Audio, another wonderful member of Sumalienz, the remix extended to almost 7 minutes and gives us all the goodness of the original and then some. So Happy Holidays from the west coast, and from our favorites extraterrestrials.

Stream the track below.

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Delaney Motter | @loser513