The Best Music of March 2018

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March was honestly the month I have been most proud of our site. We released a ton of great posts including this one about mistreatment of teen music fans, a hilarious Rozwell Kid/Prince Daddy tour post, my article about the crazy result of the “Blurred Lines” legal decision, and a TON of other cool reviews, premieres, and recommendations.

This is made all the more awesome considering I spent almost the entire month suffering from migraines (sorry if this month’s roundup is shorter than usual). Our staff came together and kicked ass. I love to see it, and March was also a great month for new music! Below are a bunch of our favorites, and then a Spotify playlist including all those cool tracks and more. Take a listen, and I hope you find your new favorite band.



March was another month of rad singles, but my favorites were definitely the newest Hop Along single, the first single from the upcoming Sidekicks record, the first single from Snail Mail’s highly anticipated debut LP, and the new tracks from Animal Flag.

All of these bands are cooking up real contenders for AOTY, and I think just as exciting is how all 4 of these artists really are doing something different with their new releases. Hop Along especially is showing the ability to write extended tracks that swell to multiple conclusions. Their upcoming album is going to blow our minds. (It’s now streaming in full)

But that’s not even close to all of the sweet singles that have dropped this month. After a short delay due to S1D restructuring (closing?), Kississippi has finally released a single from their new record. That’s a release a lot of people are excited for, and I don’t think they’ll be disappointed, plus they’re touring with Dashboard Confessional so how cool is that.

Tancred is another band with a single out that I can’t go without mentioning. Jess Abbott was an original member of Now, Now but she has branched out to form her own project and I think it has been seriously underrated. Their last album 2016’s Out of the Garden reminded me of Colleen Green in the way it was able to convey angsty emotion with a pure rock n roll feel. This new album should be more of the same.

But March wasn’t just about singles! We had a bunch of cool albums come out including the mathy-emo perfection of Gulfer’s Dog Bless, Rat Kid Cool’s zany pop-rock debut, Cloud’s intellectual indie vibes, and Teenage Wrist’s glossy pop punk record. All of these are worth a listen. They are 4 very different releases but I have a good feeling at least 1 of them will be your thing.

There were also a few videos that you should give a look. Soccer Mommy’s debut LP blew me away earlier this year, and their new video for “Cool” suits the record perfectly. Crumb are one of my favorite bands of the new jazz rock wave and their new video for “Locket” conveys their psychedelic energy while presenting the world with a new and improved way to listen to their best track imo.

As far as live sessions, my favorite was the Charly Bliss performance on the Chris Gethard Show. Do you watch TCGS? You should. It’s a late night talk show about nothing hosted by New Jersey’s own DIY superhero Chris Gethard. Oh, and they have the best musical guests of any cable TV show without a doubt. Chris Farren will be on there soon. CAN’T WAIT.

Uhhhh my head really hurts, but here’s 3 more that deserve some love. The new Queen of Jeans album, the new Illuminati Hotties single and the Snooze / The Toms split, all so good! Also did you see Just Friends has a new album coming out this summer? That’s going to be a fun one.

Here’s a Spotify playlist with a ton more great new music. Follow us on Spotify to get 1 of these every month!



Writing by Henderson // @HendoSlice

Playlist curated by Steven Lalonde // @StevenLalonde

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