Bands Take A Stand – Sexual Abusers Aren’t Tolerated Here

Posted: by The Editor


It’s no secret that the DIY music community, just like any other, can harbor sexual abusers, and even in some cases be used as a tool for those abusers. There is a growing awareness of these individuals though, and practices of accountability and dismissing those individuals from the community have become more frequent.

One of the most notable and recent instances of this abuse and failure for an abuser to shut down their career is Jake McElfresh— otherwise known as Front Porch Step. If you aren’t up to date with all of his atrocities you can learn all about them here: (TW: Graphic and detailed accounts of his abusive acts are linked to from this website). Regardless of the multiple waves of backlash and attempts to expose him, Jake has come back from his much appreciated hiatus, and is attempting to continue his career as a whiny, abusive, pathetic singer-songwriter.

In an attempt to divert any attention he may garner with his album release today, many bands and label have decided to create Bands Take a Stand , a collection of bands and labels who will be making their music “pay-what-you-want” and donating all of their proceeds from Bandcamp all of today to A Voice for the Innocent (learn more about this organization here).


You can find a complete and automatically updated list of participating bands and labels, as well as links to their Bandcamps HERE.

You can add your band or label to the list by filling out the online form HERE.

You can like Bands Take a Stand on Facebook HERE.