Dan’s Top Non-LPS of 2015

Posted: by Dan

1. Drug Church – Swell (No Sleep)

This is definitively my absolute favorite music that came out in 2015, full-lengths or not.  The addition of new sounds and tones since Paul Walker really pushed Drug Church into another level.  A heavier Seaweed/Pixies/whatever alternative band you can hear with gloomy, realistic lyrics.  My favorite single song out of everything in 2015 is “Zero Zero”.  This is the one piece of music that I continue to recommend to everyone and I watched several times as I watched a number of my friends listen, slowly look up and say “YO,…” and follow it up with some form of praise. “work with your hands, or have them cut off”, “I have a hard time with basic math/I need more time for simple tasks/ I leave a lot unsaid, and more undone/I don’t accomplish much.”  Can’t hype this thing up enough.

Favorite tracks: all of them, but “Zero Zero” is the best

2. Meat Wave – Brother

This EP was my introduction to Meat Wave.  This catchy title-track hooked me and I haven’t gone anywhere since.  Let them be your new favorite band.

3. Rotting Out – Reckoning

Farewell, Rotting Out.  Thanks for dropping this on your way out, whatever happened.  

4. Dikembe – Ledge

One of the best bands around unsurprisingly made another awesome release.  

5. Rozwell Kid – Good Graphics

This monster of a band keeps growing and getting more and more fun.  Most fun live band not named Diarrhea Planet, yet can shred just as much.