Sean’s Top EPs of 2015

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

EPs are always fun to listen too because finding the odd ones are what makes my heart sing. Take a look at these mini-LPs that spit and kick for your attention and do a great damned job at it.

1. Every Time I Die – Salem

It would not be a list with Every Time I Die and this EP is magical. Definitely the most listened to of 2015 and for good reason. The songs are an extension to the already magnificent From Parts Unknown and it has “Tourette’s” by arguably one of the most influential bands ever (Ahem.. Nirvana) on it, what isn’t to love? Except for the magical lasers that shoot out my eyes every now and then. Not sure who to have that checked by.

2. Kississippi – We Have No Future, We’re All Doomed

If anything is for certain, this happens to be one of the most twinkly compositions of music I have ever allowed to enter my ear hole. If we truly are doomed than at least take 20 minutes to stop having a panic attack and let these six songs soothe you. After that you can go back to panicking and become one with the stars, shining bright with Kississippi.

3. I Can Dream – For What It’s Worth

Imagine all of your love ripening into becoming a desirable thing. After that your heart gets ripped apart and now you don’t know what love is. Standing up against the monster of unknown feelings is tough, but I Can Dream tackle that metaphysical creature with destructive riffs and an expansive vocal range of passionate emotions.

4. You Blew It! – Pioneer Of Nothing

This damn near perfectly tranquil EP came out all the way back in January and it has followed me and stalked me since. You Blew It! are one of my most underrated bands that are doing big things in the realm of music and I think everyone should be taking notice.

5. TAPE – Bodies

I liken this EP to that dude from Hellraiser who is seeking the greatest pleasure. TAPE is a sonically vibrant album packed with deafening synths that are rambunctious but try to play off as being courteous, gently guiding your mind to a new realm where you are both loss and found. 

6. WATERMEDOWN – Somewhere Sleepless

I actually was not too fond of this EP when it first popped into my inbox. I enjoyed it yes but I thought it was borrowing too many familiar aspects of music. I kept forcing myself to listen to it because the lyrics are pure fucking poetry. If you feel like drowning in your own self worth and then spilling your heart to someone and watching them run away, well, Somewhere Sleepless has your back and your voice.

7. Botany – EP2: Hammer Of Botany

Falling in love with Botany was an adventure in itself. The music is black metal to the very roots (hahaha you’ll get this joke in a minute) but it replaces guitars with hammered dulcimers. Yea, the fuck are those right? Well, they are vibrant instruments that chime and beat the hell out of your eyes in a gorgeous manner. Also, the lyrics are about the plants taking over the world. Amazing.