Hotelier – ‘Goodness’ Review

Music Colin May 26, 2016

It's very rare to feel like an album will be among my personal all time favorite records. Goodness is maybe the 5th album I've felt this way about. The skill of the musical performances – from vocal approach to guitar work and drumming are exceptional.

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Half Hearted Hero – ‘Isn’t Real’ Review

Music Colin May 19, 2016

An example of the Isn't Real’s rich sound is in the prevalent yet nifty bass lines holding each song together until they are ready to erupt. When the songs do hit their peaks, whether it features a single climatic burst or a catchy chorus that repeats itself, these resolute moments are definitively branded by lead singer Anthony Savino, whose dynamic range results in one of the more impressive vocal performances the scene has recently offered. 

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Amarillo Tapes – ‘Parts I & II’ Review

Music Colin March 31, 2016

Created over the entirety of a year, Amarillo Tapes are 22 low-fi songs written and performed by Carmen Cirignano, vocalist of Young Statues. The two part, hour-long journey is fueled by a delicate acoustic guitar, but is distinguished by its use of echoing and slumberous harmonicas, synths, keys, drums and electric guitars – which come and go as they please.

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Knuckle Puck – ‘Copacetic’ Review

Music Colin August 26, 2015

For a majority of people including myself, a handful of records still stand the test of time as the measuring stick for new wave pop punk: The Wonder Years – The Upsides, Transit – Keep This To Yourself, and Fireworks – Gospel. Last year, Temple of Plenty by Somos took the scene by storm, and Copacetic is that album for 2015.

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The Early November – “Imbue” Review

Music Colin May 15, 2015

I’m not here to tell you that Imbue is perfect in every way, but it’s an honest, heart-on-the-sleeve type of album we’ve come to expect from The Early November, which is why when the last note strikes, you feel as if you have learned something by listening.

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