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On the first day of December, The Entire History of You dropped their debut EP Thank You for the Guide. The band draws explicitly from the wave of early 2010s post-hardcore, channeling the screamo resurgence of that decade without retreading well-worn ground. It’s a really powerful first step for the Columbus, OH, five-piece, and suggests they could make a similar mark on 2020s post-hardcore in a few years. It’ll be getting a physical release in February through Hiraeth Records.

We spoke with the band about their EP, about the entire history of the band, and breakfast foods. The band collaborated to answer the questions, except for the two about the title of the project, which vocalist Cody handled on his own.

Could you tell us a bit about the history of the band?
We’ve all played in other groups together over the last decade or more, but never this exact combination. It’s kinda wild that it took this long for the stars to align and the five of us to jam together, and we wish it would have happened sooner, honestly! In the fall of 2022, we wrote a handful of heavier straight-forward hardcore songs that we ended up scrapping in favor of trying something more in the post-hardcore realm. Within a day or so of that decision, we wrote the song ‘Like Son’ (affectionately dubbed ‘Cavs’ after the Cleveland Cavaliers until about a week before the EP dropped) and that was really the start of the band as it’s heard today.
We spent the next few months writing, and then in June 2023, we started recording. Emmet knew Neil Tuuri from college, and suggested that we record at his studio – Amish Electric Chair studios in Athens, OH. Neil was an absolute professional from day one. He has a very acute attention to detail, and we’re beyond happy with how the record turned out. He made it truly special, and we’re forever grateful for his support. In September, we recorded the last batch of songs for the project. Life got in the way a bit, but we finished up the EP in November, just in time to drop it before the year was over.

Obviously the EP just came out last month, but how has the response been so far?
Unlike anything we ever imagined, in a positive way! As a group, we thought it was really cool, but after so many people were like “hey this is really cool”, we knew it was REALLY cool. Obviously, we wanted it to do well and really did believe it was special, but it has definitely exceeded our expectations as far as reception goes. We have people listening to our music overseas, and singing along with our songs at shows. We definitely didn’t expect this much early on. Nothing that any of us have ever released has gotten this much attention, so we’re super grateful for that.

What can fans look forward to in 2024?
Shows, shows, and more shows. There are already a few shows on the books for early 2024, and you can expect more all year long. Everyone has been itching to take this thing on the road. It would not be unlikely for us to venture out in the midwest and surrounding states this summer/fall.
Oh, and more new music too. We just never stop writing and jamming now. There will definitely be new TEHOY tunes in 2024.

The title of the EP obviously comes from the chorus of “Thank You.” What is it about that lyric that made you feel like it should be the name of this project?
Thank you for the guide” is actually a phrase that we don’t mean literally. Quite the opposite. In the traditional sense, we look to our parental figures for life advice, comfort, and help. Some people don’t have that. Some people are exposed to bad decisions, addictions, and trauma that can stick with them. The EP title Thank You for the Guide is meant to be more of a thank you for the guide on what NOT to do.

In an ideal world, what do you want listeners to take away from Thank You for the Guide?
I just want one person to be able to relate to this record. If my story and message can help just one person, I’d be ecstatic. This record means a lot to me. It’s honest and it’s raw. This is a direct reflection of part of my life and expressing it through this record has helped me in more ways than I can explain. I hope it can help others. Cycles can be broken. You can be that change.

What are your preferred bagel flavors?
Anthony: If we’re talking bagel sandwiches, it has to be the reuben on an everything bagel.
Ian: I’m very down with banana, cream cheese and peanut butter on a blueberry bagel.
Cody: Everything with chive and onion cream cheese, or cinnamon raisin with honey and peanut butter. Big shoutout to the geniuses at Bagel Street Deli in Athens, OH. (Love y’all and we’d gladly entertain a sponsorship!)
Conor: For breakfast, cinnamon raisin or chocolate chip with plain cream cheese. Nothing too wild. For sandwiches, sundried tomato is the play with some turkey, lettuce, cheese, tomato, and mayo. Bagel Street truly fueled this EP. We got it every single time we went to the studio!
Emmet: Dessert bagels all day.

Thank You for the Guide is out now.

Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison

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