Launching The Alternative Radio Network

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Announcing the launch of The Alternative Radio Network!!!

We’re launching a series of The Alternative radio shows that’ll play and discuss all the best new music. We couldn’t be more excited. All of the shows will be streaming on Mixcloud and Podbean. The episodes are also downloadable on Podbean (here) if you would like to save them to listen later. This way its super easy to listen in live or download to listen later.

We’re starting off with 2 incredible shows: a bi-weekly flagship indie/punk show, Get Alternative Radio, hosted by myself (Henderson), and a bi-weekly underground rap show, Go Dumbcast, hosted by Kevin Cortez. These shows will alternate each Tuesday, with Get Alternative Radio launching October 24th, and Go Dumbcast on October 31st. This network is going to grow into an entire series of radio shows hosted by different members of The Alternative staff, and we already have a bunch of new shows planned to launch in 2018.

Below is a little information about our 2 new shows and a thank you from us to you for all of your support. We are so excited to bring great new music to you every week. The Alternate isn’t stopping. Up up up.


Get Alternative Logo

Do you like the music The Alternative writes about on our site and post about on Twitter? Well then you’re going to like this show. Get Alternative Radio is the top source for all of the best new music and underrated classics from the world of indie, alternative rock, punk, emo, and hip-hop. Find your new favorite band and gain an appreciation for tons of new music. It’ll to be a fun ride. Tune in next Tuesday October 24th at 10 pm EST for the 1st episode! – Henderson



A rap show that plays rap for the Internet, by the Internet. Not based anywhere but in cyberspace, baby. The oldies, the newies, the Soundcloud rappers and the backpackers, east coast and west coast, and sometimes the U.K. – it’s all here. Go dumb. First episode is Tuesday October 31st at 10 pm EST! – Kevin Cortez


Tons of new music is headed your way, and we couldn’t be more excited to get going. This site has changed my life, my outlook, my career, everything. The amount of support our readers have shown us is truly incredible. I feel like I don’t say that enough. This site started as me posting YouTube clips of myself talking about music because I missed my radio show and was determined to keep promoting music. From there I asked some friends to get involved and it just kept growing and growing.

1000s of hours of work later, and now we’re going to have our own series of radio shows, and its all because of all of you that read the site and shared it with your friends! That and a great artist community that has been very welcoming. I know you hear about all the shitty people in music (and sadly there are plenty), but there are also so many inspiring people that work in music in front of the mic and behind the scenes.

Point is, thank you all. I hope we can continue to live up to your standards and continue to grow until we change the whole industry. I really think these radio shows are the next step in doing that. I hope you agree. Tune in! Starting this Tuesday October 24th! Fuck yes it feels so good to say that. See you Tuesday.

– Henderson