Announcement: The Return of Way Out West

Posted: by The Editor


As you may or may not know, earlier this year- longtime emo music news and info website; Couch King Emo, and The Alternative, merged. The result, was the bigger and better The Alternative you read today. I, (Delaney) was previously a part of the Couch King Emo core staff and my main contribution there was my weekly series Way Out West. The primary goal of the series was to bring attention to bands that exist over here in the often forgotten west coast DIY community. As I sit here in Portland, OR- I am still the only west coast contributor and staff member here at The Alternative, and with the new year I will be bringing back Way Out West. Every Wednesday I will be pointing the spotlight on a neat west coast based band that deserves your attention. The intention is the same- showing the rest of the DIY community that the west coast has something to offer too. Past bands featured in the series include Strange Ranger (FKA Sioux Falls), Mom Jeans.Great Grandpa, Lubec, and more. Archived posts from my Couch King Emo days can be found here – study upI’m excited to get back to my relentless quest to help make the west coast relevant again, and you can look forward to your weekly dose of west coast starting January 4th. See you then!