Album Review: Worriers – “You or Someone You Know”

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Worriers’ You or Someone You Know is a catch-all understanding of the moments that challenge us in this moment. Lauren Denitizio, the center of now Los Angeles-based Worriers, has a song for it all: whether it’s a painful breakup, change of environment, or the crippling existence in a charged political (and literal) climate. In true punk spirit, for each track, there’s that signature, unapologetic push back that inspires.

The fourth entry in Worriers’ catalogue is one of their most frank and intentional releases that combs through personal, political, and timely experiences. To share that message, Denitzio enlisted longtime musician friends Mikey Erg, Nick Psillas, and Frank Piegaro. The result is some of Worriers’ sharpest musicianship yet, captured by producer John Agnello.

Denitzio has always had a gift for making the political message personal for them, leaving an impact that has shaped the voices and attitudes of punks over the last decade. Opening the record with “End of the World” is an ironic beginning, ushering in blasting pop-influenced punk that manages to both rattle off a list of global devastations while keeping it upbeat.

Denitizio conveys the desire to run, but where, when climate change is everywhere? The imagery feels real in how from coast to coast in the states, there’s no escape from climate change, from “Found a nice house in the Bay / We could go there but there’s fire and earthquakes” to “We could. Have space in house by the sea / Yeah the shore sounds nice but what about when the hurricane hits?

You or Someone You Know accomplishes this, but politics aren’t the only star of the album. In its sense of urgency, “End of the World” still feels as grounded as it is rousing.

The follow-up to Survival Pop carries its similar sonic energy while opening listeners up to a personal examination of relationships with others and the world itself. “PWR CPLE” examines a breaking connection and how to separate when things get toxic. You can feel Denitizio’s firm voice and assertion when they declare “You said we’re a dream team / get away from me” that feels nothing short of empowering. It’s that kind of lyrical conviction that makes the track a highlight.

 “Big Feelings” is without a doubt the love song of the record, translating the positive emotions of friendships with images of late night conversations, nicknames, and unbreakable bonds. The bubbly energy is captured as much in its fuzzy guitars and drums as it is in its self-shot music video. You can feel Denitzio’s love of relationships thoroughly in song and in the capture of skaters in a bowl.

Standout closure “Grand Closing” may be the most impactful album ending of 2020. Denitizio’s ability to make an end feel like a beginning makes the album itself feel like consumption as a whole is a must. “So this is how it goes/This is how I walk now” is a repeated moment of enlightenment and growth, as empowering as it is devastating. The result is a feeling of gratitude, for their sharing and for you following them down their personal journey in confronting pain and struggle within the path-forward drawn ballad.

You or Someone You Know is a look toward the struggles and living through them. Think of it as hope that in spite of what’s being dealt, there’s something ahead of you, whether it’s reflection or a new opportunity.

Catch Worriers on tour this spring with Brian FallonYou or Someone You Know is now available on 6131 Records.

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