Album Review: The Sonder Bombs – ‘MODERN FEMALE ROCKSTAR’

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What’s more modern than a female rockstar?” If you missed out on the latest record to shake up the scene, MODERN FEMALE ROCKSTAR, don’t fret. The stunning debut from Ohio rockers The Sonder Bombs is only 9 tracks long, but that’s more than enough for the gritty band to introduce themselves and nestle their way into your brain. Equally stunning in bright vibes and dire importance, this album has everyone’s attention, and for good reason.

The first thing that hits you is Willow Hawks’s voice, since rarely do you hear vocal quality of this caliber on a rock album. Her soaring vocals are powerful and immediately catching on “Atom”, the record’s opener. If you’ve ever cut off a toxic friendship in your life, this is the song for you–especially if you’re a fan of the ukulele (Don’t worry, if you’re not by the end of this album you will be.)

Speaking of ukulele, second track “U(ke) Ain’t Enough” is a jumpy, bubbly sing-a-long. It all culminates at the end of the second chorus, where there’s wild vocal lines rubbing up against dreamy “ahs” in the background. A perfect “f-you” to anyone who pisses you off, really. These tracks operate in a very similar space, setting the stage for “Title”, one of the albums most memorable and definitive moments.

I could do an entire analysis, breaking down each and every individual part of this song in an attempt to explain why it’s so badass, but that would ruin the surprise for you. Let’s just keep it at this; the immersive guitar melodies and slow, powerful drums slamming in the background are hypnotizing.

Slowing things down with “Wild” and “Something I Said,” The Sonder Bombs show the full reach of their songwriting capabilities. Continuing with “Dimly Lit,” the band showcases a dreamy sound, rife with texture. They strip things down even further on the closer, “Twinkle Lights”, arguably the most powerful song on the record–a track that can simply be described as brave. Deep with emotion, this track addresses sexual assault in a honest and striking manner, an immensely important topic in the DIY community.

MODERN FEMALE ROCKSTAR is succinct and powerful. It may not be for everyone, but if the motto “You can kiss my ukulele punk rock ass” seems up your alley, it’s one that’s definitely worth your time.

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MODERN FEMALE ROCKSTAR is out now via Take This To Heart Records. You can order it on Digital/CD/ here.

Kayla Carmichael | @kaylacarmicheal

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