Album Review: The Lazy Susans – ‘Now That The Party’s Over’

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Someone once told me that when a song captures you— completely immerses you, it’s something you must quickly grab and hold as close to your chest as possible. Because, songs that evoke such a visceral reaction within yourself are meant to be nurtured and treasured, representing one of the only simple pleasures that remind us of how good it feels to be alive. This past summer, I remember the night I felt that familiar pull, skin prickling as I heard a song for the first time, at a loss for words as to why it held such an impact. Why I felt so intertwined with a track that meant nothing to me 3 minutes before. But it was The Lazy Susan’s single, “R U OK?” that gave me that feeling. It was The Lazy Susan’s single, “R U OK?” that finally had me asking myself, “Am I?”

Created in the Blue Mountains of Australia before residing in Melbourne, The Lazy Susans have made a name for themselves by printing their heart on their sleeve. On their debut album, Now That the Party’s Over, these indie-emos have only pushed themselves to create a record that documents all of their personal stories so effectively that the rest of the scene should be taking note. 

Built off the vulnerability of lead singer Antonia atop musky melodies and cymbal-crashing instrumentals that wade between the soft and the brash, the Australian group seem to take a play from Cyber Bully Mom Club’s book. They succeed in relaying emotions and raw honesty throughout their 13-track album that doesn’t dredge on dreary or sour a mood, something that most artists don’t understand how to properly balance.

Opening with “R U OK?,” it’s difficult to not be transported back to that night I discovered them and the goosebumps this song evoked. The simplicity of its theme against the grain of Antonia’s vocals creates a sense of understanding and comfort that still manages to impact me, months later. Yet, the following track, “Reaching Out” hit in the same way the first did, so it’s hard not to wonder if The Lazy Susans are a band that have mastered the art of creating songs that settles the mind and calms the spirit. With lyrics that drive our inner questions and turmoil, the second track claims, “Nobody ever told me how lonely being an adult would be.” Something, that if everyone had to admit, takes them back to the exact moment in time they’ve felt the same way. 

Their potential strikes hot on tracks like “Nice Bones” and “Wasted” that focus on the sense of belonging and forges something interesting in their musicality that’s reminiscent of Everclear and Hole. But, it’s in bittersweet yearning of the standout track, “If I Hurt You” that showcases how complex and talented The Lazy Susans can be going forward. Booming drums follow the sonically driven landscape that almost perfectly exemplifies all of the emotions that are locked up inside of our minds. 

The Lazy Susans set out to write a powerful and cathartic album when they set their eyes on Now That The Party’s Over. Throughout the painful subject matter and darker tone, it’s impressive to see a group balance the dreadful with their hazy shoe-gaze sound. A record that is almost begging to be set on rotation, The Lazy Susans should be on everyone’s radar as I’m sure their future releases will only further prove their place within a scene that is parched for emotional release.

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Hope Ankley / @Hope_ankleknee

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