Album Review: The Crashtones – “Revenge of the Crashtones”

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Modern throwback may be the perfect descriptor of Revenge of the Crashtones, a sequel record release by The Crashtones. The album is the crafted endeavor of known video game and animation voice actor Sam Witwer, who sought to write a solid rock ’n’ roll album on his own terms.

Witwer’s Revenge of the Crashtones twists and turns with nods to so much of popular rock and fuzzy ‘90s experiments. Think of your favorite rocking songs of adolescence – then give it a lens of deconstruction and genre-flipping. It’s a foundation of 90s alternative rock, but with a little more creative stretches.

The composition is primarily Witwer with a drummer and a few collaborators. His mission was simple: learn to make a good record. Though the Crashtones have existed as a project since the 2000’s, Revenge of the Crashtones is fully written, produced, played, and mixed by Witwer.

The Crashtones range from hushed experimental energy of The Cure to distorted heavy vibe of Nine Inch Nails. But tossed like a roller coaster, The Crashtones dip into a funk-laden pop bop on “Daddy of Destruction.” Witwer is diving into every sound possible and showcasing it. Even after multiple listens, you can pick out distinctive instrumental layers, from horns to record scratches.

The star of the record is undoubtedly Witwer’s vocal range. It dives from classic rock growls to hushed essential emotional whispers. Listening for this dynamic range is reason enough to revisit each track.

Tucked in this writhing record is “And We All Stop,” a blissful pause in the natural chaos that feels in many ways a momentary reflection. You can catch your breath here and process all of the sounds from the first half of the record. But not before the second act deep dives into the next voracious turn.

The soul and essence of Revenge of the Crashtones is defiance of expectations, a constant toss between sounds. There’s no rules for what the sound of the song will be, because the pulsating energy of each song defines what’s next.

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Amanda Starling // @StarlingAj

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