Album Review: State Faults ‘Clairvoyant’

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Californian self-acclaimed spiritual hardcore band State Faults is back from a six-year hiatus with their newest album Clairvoyant and as it seems, they’re stronger than ever and with a statement: Clairvoyant has a focus on the process of trauma, love, and general acceptance.

These subjects spill both lyrically and sonically as you have songs with a harsher, grittier sound to convey their message like “Moon Sign Gemini”, as well as ones that are softer in terms of introduction and structure like “Olive Tree” and “Dreamcatcher, Pt. II”.

State Faults has always been known for their smooth incorporation of post-rock elements underlying a post-hardcore and screamo core, and this album manifests such a beautiful blend of both elements giving the avid State Faults listener the impression that they haven’t lost their touch; that they were never on a long hiatus to begin with.

Throughout the first listen, “Planetary” caught my attention the most. I listened to it six times before deciding to move on to the rest. This 2-minute song stands out so much in the sense that it starts off chaotic but then smooths itself out paralleling the lyrics and emotions vocalist Jonny Andrew belts out. “Love so planetary” is a line that held so much impact to me but can also encompass the overall theme of the album itself. Love and acceptance for everyone. In a time where tensions are at a spike, whether it be racial, political, sexual, or within genders and its expressions, it’s a statement to make that love conquers all. It’s a reminder that there’s still some trace of love in a world filled with hate and it’s time to manifest that trait. With each replay, it connected to me even more.

The singles kept me excited about what this album had to offer while we eagerly awaited to official release. They brought forth the songs that’ll help you dip your toes into the flow before you delve into the spiritual world State Faults never fails to paint.



In Summary, this brutally intense 11-track album is for anyone who wants to align themselves with the emotional, yet beautiful chaos that mirrors the society we’re a part of. Each track will tug at your heartstrings without closing you off, and instead hopefully open your eyes to the higher sense of spiritual themes the band is trying to convey.

Clairvoyant is out now through No Sleep Records and Dog Knights Productions, you can order a copy here and here as well as view their current tour dates and upcoming European tour dates below.

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Alex Hirsch | @contaminature

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