Album Review: Macseal — ‘Super Enthusiast’

Posted: by The Editor

Macseal’s first LP is finally here! After years of releasing amazing emo-pop EP’s, the Long Island based band put together a fantastic blend of songs on their debut LP Super Enthusiast. Album opener “Lucky For Some” is bliss—the guitar work is light and twangy with a sharp drums and a smooth bass line. However, once you get to the lyrics, they’re pretty sad. The tracks chorus of “Everyone’s falling back in love / falling back in love / good luck keeping your friends / cause nobody’s falling for ya” is an emotional outcry to the loss of friends who get into relationships. While this very relatable problem may sound sad on the surface, paired with Macseal’s groovy guitar licks it starts to feel almost upbeat. 

That upbeat attitude continues into tracks such as “Mystery Inc.” where the band incorporates elements of math-rock, something that Macseal does impressively well. The simplicity of a couple of the albums best tracks gives the album a more pop oriented sheen. It’s easy to listen to and to groove out to but the lyrics are what keeps the tracks real and vulnerable. Lyrics such as “I’ve outgrown you” stand out as small emotional hits that anyone can relate to. 

Another track that stands out is “Upside Down Again” which could easily soundtrack a teen rom-com, once again adding in a smooth blend of math-rock guitars, and ending with a simple breakdown that is super clean. Overall the album is a bop and has a unique blend of pop and emo that is easily accessible. Super Enthusiast is a fun listen, complete with buoyant guitars and pristine production. Macseal continue to impress with their emotional vulnerability and interesting rhythms, a refreshing sound in the sea of pop-punk and emo.

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Written by Sarah Knoll

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