Album Review: COIN – ‘How Will You Know if You Never Try’

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COIN’s album How Will You Know If You Never Try starts exactly as any COIN album should, a catchy, upbeat, tune guaranteed to stick in your head for days.. In this case that tune is called Don’t Cry 2020 and though it starts just a little slow, which originally worried me, it blossoms beautifully into a promising mission statement for the rest of the record.

Talk Too Much is one of COIN’s best songs in my opinion, not new to their discography but it still shines. In fact it was featured on an indie party song playlist a while back, check it out.

The next few songs I Don’t Wanna Dance, Hannah, and Are We Alone sort of blend together into a kind of pop dance mashup. Like if the Unicorn Frappuccino had a sound. Breaking the spell is Heart Eyes. It’s got kind of this minimalist sound, which really helps draw your attention to how pretty the embellishments on this track are.

Lately II is in the same vein as Heart Eyes, in that few distractions make for a more controlled and focused listening experience, however, if I’m being honest, this one just doesn’t grab me the same way that Heart Eyes did.

The record finishes strong with Feeling, Miranda Beach, and Malibu 1992. In my opinion Feeling and Malibu 1992 are way above average for the album. Feeling is a fun, unstoppable track that should really be played over a montage of Olympic snowboarding. It’s Malibu 1992 that takes the cake for me on this record. Soft and pretty, this song makes me feel like I’m being haunted by the ghost of all the surfing I should have done. I don’t know why this song makes me feel things, it’s not particularly relatable, but it’s put together so beautifully, it feels like it’s written about you.

COIN’s How Will You Know If You Never Try is an extremely solid continuation of their discography. My main complaint is I would have liked to see a little more experimentation from these guys. They’re such a promising band I want to hear what else they can do. That being said, the record is a logical step in COIN’s career. Great party and beach pop, give this album a listen, besides How Will You Know If You Never Try?


Written by Ryan Manns

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