Album Premiere: Subliminal Sex — ‘S/T’

Posted: by The Editor

S/T, the debut album from Subliminal Sex, has the DNA of punk-rock surging through it’s veins—blistering choruses, self-deprecating lyrics, chugging palm mutes—but songwriter Chris Kelsey’s pop instincts are on full display here. Inside of the album’s knotty guitar lines and pummeling drums are infectious melodies buried beneath a cacophony of distortion, it’s the dichotomy of these two things that make S/T such a rewarding listen.

Tracks like “Anhedonia” and “Unkind” are short bursts of energetic power-pop that clock in around the two-minute mark, “Second Best” slows things down for a second without causing the record to lose steam, and on “California Serpentine” Kelsey rips a solo that sounds like something Rivers Cuomo might pull out of his bag of tricks. Stream S/T below ahead of it’s release this Friday, and head on over to Near Mint’s website to pre-order the album.


Michael Brooks // @nomichaelbrooks 

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