Album Premiere: Petrov – ‘Sleep Year’

Posted: by The Editor

Petrov may write about sleep, but their debut record, Sleep Year, is a restless, relentless force. With it’s tossing and turning energy, Petrov’s debut is at one moment a dance-y pop-influenced anthem and the next a ferocious push-back.

Petrov’s debut explores every corridor of punk rock sound. The record opens with catch-y pop punk  “Divine Wine,” at times dotted with twinkling guitars. On the other side of the spectrum, “Popcorn Ceiling” is an audio rollercoaster, twisting from a swaying rock song to a grinding slam at the close.

Sleep Year pulls no punches on subject matter, either, drawing from deeply personal experiences in relationships in vocalist Mary Grace McKusick’s lyrics. They’re backed by distorted, fuzzy guitars to match the energy at a point of angst when needed, then melodically wrapped like a blanket to accentuate. Every aspect of this record is structured yet organic.

With a nuanced approach of instrumentals then layered vocals, Petrov’s creation is an intentional craft. Sleep Year is the awakened energy that indie rock deserves.

Stream the debut record by Petrov below.

Sleep Year is available on cassette, CD and digital formats on March 15 on Self Aware Records. 

Amanda Starling // @StarlingAj

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