Album Premiere – Kyle Constable – “Going Home”

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There’s been an influx of budding songwriters in the last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic forcing everyone to stay inside and take a hard look at themselves. One of those burgeoning musicians is Kyle Constable, a first time songwriter out of Hartford, CT who is debuting his first ever album, Going Home. I’ve always believed that The Alt is the kind of place that provides opportunity for new musicians, and I can’t think of anyone more deserving of a chance.

Kyle and I talked a bit about his first foray into songwriting and what it was like working with the talented artists and engineers at Steadfast Studios in Naugatuck, CT. He explained that working with Collin Waldron and Matt Carlson (A Will Away), and Dominic Nastasi (All Get Out) was “intimidating at first, but I couldn’t have had better mentors to teach me the ins-and-outs of recording. I started off in the passenger’s seat, but by the second half of tracking I felt more comfortable and in control. They really helped me find a sound that I was happy with and felt like me. I had no idea how to describe what I wanted them to do technically, but after working alongside them and continuing my writing I learned how to communicate through & about the music.”

Give Going Home is out Friday, but you can take an early listen below.

It seems that many people are discovering their songwriting voices during the last year and creating some very personal first releases. There’s a rise in individually reflective art pieces now because people are being placed in situations and spaces occupied only by themselves. This type of isolation will often lead to introspection as we discover who we are through art. On the surface, Kyle is another of these people: living in isolation and having a lot of time to think and search for inspiration. However, what stands out to me about this project (besides the rocking Americana tones and sonic references to Reliant K everywhere) is Kyle’s purity and determination to define himself with this new artistic venture. Becoming a musician in an era flooded by countless personal projects is a scary undertaking, but Kyle has used that uncertainty as motivation to focus on expressing himself rather than endlessly hustling to be the next viral sensation. 

He shared with me that he “tries to learn a lesson from the memories and emotions of the past. With this project, I leaned into that act of learning and realized that even the mistakes are all a part of becoming who I am. I felt pressure from expectations of who I should be and what I should be doing. During this last year, I got to really find those answers through writing, starting with my song ‘Finally Me’ and eventually blooming into the whole LP. I know that saying I finally feel like me is a bit of a cheesy line, but it’s the most honest thing I could say and it feels the most real in expressing myself.”


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