Album Premiere: Just Nick – ‘Just Nick / 2018’

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Nick Wuebben is a the musical mastermind behind the anti-folk project known as Just Nick. Based in Santa Cruz, California, Wuebben is self-releasing his newest album on June 28 and about to kick off a summer West Coast tour with Human Kitten. With that being said, we are pleased to premiere his latest work, Just Nick / 2018.

When you hear the words, “folk punk” or “anti-folk” tens of thoughts begin to swarm. Usually, if you aren’t familiar, you are swamped with confusion. How can folk and punk be one thing if they sound nothing alike; how does that even work? Even if you are familiar, there is almost always a negative connotation attached. Images of crust punks and flashbacks of your middle school punk phase bubble to the surface. Memories cloud your mind of Johnny Hobo blaring as you sew a Misfits patch on your dirty jeans. However, I am here to tell you that Just Nick has perfected the art of this genre with his newest album.

If you are still intrigued by how someone can merge together these two worlds, say no more, just listen. Just Nick / 2018 is an impeccable balance of acoustic guitar, raspy vocals, and passionate storylines. With the classic, stripped down essence of traditional folk, and multiple social and political callouts, Wuebben crafts something delicate yet on the verge of explosion.

This thirteen song release is something unique. With influences like John Darnielle and Leonard Cohen, Wuebben puts special care into each verse. Listeners are drawn into the storyline without being bombarded with outrageous instrumentation. Simple yet loaded with eloquent features, this is a release you won’t want to miss.

Take a listen to the album below and preorder it on vinyl from the band’s webstore.

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Emily Kitchin | @deathnap4cutie

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