Album Premiere: Great Decievers – ‘In Spirit’

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This winter, I’ve become especially into winding guitar driven rock music. Ovlov, Strange Ranger, Clique, Stove, Speedy Ortiz, Cloakroom, Great Death and Options among others. So when Seth Engel the songwriter of Options, (my most listened to artist on Spotify in 2018 btw), sent me the new LP from his other project, Great Deceivers, I was more than interested.

And oh boy was I pleased when I got to listening. In Spirit twirls beautiful tones in it’s finger tips, winding up each element to wring each drop of rock from every guitar and drum hit. The steady vocals recall some of my favorite  vocalists Steve Hartlett (Ovlov/Stove) and P.J. Carroll (Clique/En Route), in their ability to deliver emotion and meaning into the tracks, while letting the instrumentals shine.

“Checked Out Forever” is a real highlight, I’m constantly humming “Off now, shut down“, but the album is best listened to as a complete work (like most albums in this hazy rock genre). I’m still digesting this record, so I’ll get back to you after a few hundred more spins, but I can tell you already that you need to get listening to this album.

In Spirit is out January 18th. Take a listen below and get out to their release show if you live in Chicago.

If you like what you hear, preorder it now on digital or cassette from their Bandcamp.

Henderson Cole // @HendoSlice

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