Album Premiere: Dryspell – ‘cool’

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Loud, punching mash-ups are what punk dreams are made of, and Dryspell has surfaced their well-fermented album, cool. The collaboration project, born out of Central Florida, hosts a slew of the region’s finest, featuring members of Crucial Dudes, Dikembe, and other power players of the scene. Stream the surprise, awaited album below:

Count yourself fortunate if you’ve seen a live Dryspell set – they’ve been inactive since 2015, but fortunately I caught a set that summer at Will’s Pub with Henrietta and Meridian. The band’s lineup was and still is a testament to what happens when you fuse together so many influences and voices from across a community, and give it a go.

But back to cool: it’s without a doubt the perfect fusion of indie rock, punk, and emo, somehow with every song feeling classic, like it’s always been a natural part of your rotation. The full iterations of songs like “Small Hands,” “Strawberrita Dreams,” and “Dog Lady” capture live energy and full-bodied sound. This isn’t without gorgeous sentiments and momentary reflection of permanent youth and “can I just lay here with the dogs?

Songs like “Courtney” and “Stranger Kinds” have irresistibly catchy build-ups that flow into one another with ease. It’s one of those instrumental themes tacked into multiple songs like “Space” throughout cool, including elements of twinkle and math that just make every note unforgettable.

It’s been a long hibernation for Dryspell, but perhaps with some rarer Magic: The Gathering cards as a bargaining chip, Florida will see a reunion show for cool.

Dryspell’s cool is available at Death Protector Collective. All sales from cool will go directly to Second Harvest, a food bank based in Tallahassee, Florida.

Amanda Starling // @StarlingAj

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