Album Premiere: Chatterbot Records’ – Sheryl Comp

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I love covers. My dad says all the time, “a great song is a great song no matter who sings it.” I’m really not certain that’s true… but whatever. The point is, I love covers and I love Sheryl Crow. Chatterbot Records has had a bit of success with Sheryl Crow covers in the past, this MCP one was a gem, so I guess they figured why not keep the good times rolling.

We’re happy to premiere their newest comp, full of 10 awesome artists covering the best of the best of Sheryl’s discography, including Dikembe, Equipment, Stress Fractures, Hit Like A Girl, and even our very own Jordi with their band Foxwoods!

Take a listen below, and consider purchasing it on super limited edition tape (30 copies), from the Chatterbot store. All profits will be donated to No More Dysphoria to help trans and nonbinary people with their transitions. Great music. Great cause. What more could you want?

Happy April!

Henderson Cole // @HendoSlice

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