Premiere: Chatterbot Presents: ‘Jinglebot’

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Cover art by Ilana Hope

It’s holiday time bb! Which means its time to open some presents, and maybe buy yourself a few. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hannakuh, Kwanzaa, or some other winter holiday, there’s not much better than opening that thing you really wanted. That reminds me of Chatterbot Records, who’ve come out of the box shiny new and beautiful releasing over 19 really exciting releases over their first year of existence, while supporting many good causes as well as championing queer artists; instantly becoming the label I really wanted in the DIY scene.

Continuing their run of winning releases, they’ve put together a holiday compilation of covers and originals that features tracks from many Chatterbot artists and friends! These include Foxy Dads, Origami Angel, Equipment, Stress Fractures, Tiny Blue Ghost (covering Wham!), Commander Salamander, Stars Hollow (covering Elvis), Jimmy Mayo, California Cousins, The Weak Days (covering Judy Garland), Foxwood aka our contributor Jordi, and Hit Like A Girl (covering The Used). Each artist makes a serious attempt at creating an indie pop or punk rock holiday track. I don’t know about you, but I think we need more of those and less stodgy holiday classics.

A true emo punk highlight is Commander Salamander’s original, which provides a jangly honest desperate scream of a holiday greeting. “Holiday cheers from a lonely queer, go fuck yourself.” Another is Origami Angel’s swelling chorus of “I don’t even believe in God, and she doesn’t believe in me” on another melancholy holiday original.

Equipment took it up a notch recording an original pop punk gem and filming a cool music video for it. “I can’t take these Decembers / I start shivering when I close my eyes.”

Alright, now take a deep breath and sit down, because this comp also features Foxy Dads covering 1 of the best Prince Daddy tracks, “If I’m Still Broke By Christmas”. Matching this poppy cover with the P Daddy original makes for an awesome pair of punk Christmas tracks. “If I’m still broke by Christmas / I know it sounds a little fucked up / I think you’ll like this solo coming up.” Like I said, we need more of this shit. Thank you Chatterbot.

Take a listen to the full compilation below and pick your favorites to try and sneak into your family’s holiday playlist, you can also preorder the comp on Bandcamp now.



Henderson Cole // @HendoSlice

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