Album Premiere: Braver – ‘Torpor’

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Premiering the new Braver album, ‘Torpor’, which comes out on Friday September 2nd! The record is full of high octane energy, bouncing between lively progression to flashy hook. They know how to channel their upbeat punk into anthemic movements, such as the title track “Torpor.” It’s a bit beautiful, but that’s after having burst through the gates with opener “Frequent Flyer.” There’s a lot of fun diversity across this LP, and Braver opted not to back out of a challenge.

Here’s what Braver had to say about this record:

The album “Torpor” is a concept-less album following three onion-scented protagonists (Minneapolis punk band Braver) who are striving to crank out their 2nd album. While their 1st album “Stay Busy” was bright-eyed (more so “I’m wide awake, it’s morning” rather than “digital urn in a digital ash” and bushy-taled (more so “razorblade suitcase” rather than “sixteen stone”) in its self-loathing and musings on interpersonal relationships.. The new LP “Torpor” is more like a hangover (cooper/galafanakis/helms) in its delirious attempts to address, pretty much, the same subjects.. All with a greasy burger of doubt to round out the record in order to make you feel slightly better about everything (Object Permanence). “Torpor” is
Braver finding their footing in a world where Foot Lockers are few and far between, but a Pay-less is only wink away.