Album Premiere: Big Loser – ‘Love You, Barely Living’

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Photo by Dave Creaney

Austin, Texas rock and roll band Big Loser will be releasing their third album, Love You, Barely Living, tomorrow via Black Numbers. They’re one of my favorite new bands – there’s something about their punk-inflected brand of Americana I just can’t get enough of. Love You, Barely Living is the band’s finest effort yet, and fans of Spanish Love Songs, The Menzingers, and Waxahatchee will want to pay attention.

To be sure you do just that, we’re premiering the album a day early. In the words of frontman Chase Spruiell, it’s a record “about an epiphany that comes too late – a struggle of addiction and alcoholism while trying to hold onto a dying relationship. At the end of it realizing – these things CAN be overcome, and that we don’t have to be doomed to our addictions, but the journey to that realization is a long dark road where things are said that cannot be unsaid, thoughts not unthought, and certain love that can no longer be mended.” Love You, Barely Living really does sound like a journey, but it never feels like a chore. Check it out below. 

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