AGL Live Session: Hurry – “Waiting For You”

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Philadelphia band, Hurry, started as Matt Scottoline’s solo writing project, and developed as a departure from playing bass in emo revival band, Everyone Everywhere. He wrote an album’s worth of songs, recorded them, and later solidified a full-time trio to perform his collection of noisey, melancholic tunes. Using aspects of his emo roots by incorporating completely candid, forthright lyrics, Scottoline continues to take the expressive rock avenue, but this time propelled by power-pop guitar riffs.

“Waiting for You,” is a track from Hurry’s latest album, Every Little Thought, which was released two months ago. Scottoline wastes no time with this song, getting straight into the unease of isolation with a completely catchy verse, “Do you really wanna spend your time alone? Do you really feel fine when you’re at home? Always looking at your phone, spending all your time alone.” Noticing the self indulgence of scrolling through mindless content, Scottoline relishes in that moment when you look up from the screen and think, “What am I doing?”  

Drawing inspiration from The Beach Boys and peers, Yuck and Yo La Tengo, Scottoline uses his memorable melodic lines to create a track that is pious to pop and serves as a reminder that it’s okay to go off the grid for a while and connect in reality.

You can download all 7 tracks of this live session along with all our previous sessions for Pay What You Want HERE!

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Video Credits:

Audio Engineer – Ryan Hillsinger
Mixing and Mastering – Ryan Hillsinger
Video Editing – Savan Sekhon
Videographers –Savan Sekhon, Anthony “Big Body” Comi, and Doug Gallo, Zach Nystrom
Interview by Deanna DiLandro / @deannadilandro
Post edited by Chris Musser / @ChrisMustard

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