5 Songs You Should Be Listening To

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Hey you! Yeah, you! You look like you could use some new music. Check these:

Catfish and The Bottlemen – Cocoon

I’ll admit, I’m a little late on this one as the band is blowing up as we speak, but if you haven’t listened to them, you’re missing out. I like “Cocoon,” a big, fun, track that’s testament to their pure form of British rock.

Real Prophecy – Hip Hop Lives Underground

A Hip Hop track that sounds like it belongs in a speakeasy, “Hip Hop Lives Underground” put Real Prophecy on the map for me. The catchy, laid back, beat is topped only by a flow so smooth it would make Austin Powers jealous. Railing against the current state of Hip-Hop, this song is definitely one to add to your playlist.

Jane Ellen Bryant – Twenties

Austin-based Bryant has written a strangely addictive, folkish, gospely, anthem for those of us in the most tumultuous decade of our lives. The inevitability of everything she sings about makes the track really relatable and fun in the way Blink-182 was when you were in middle-school. I really enjoyed this song and let me tell you, girl got some pipes.

Fish Tank – Barbarella

Somebody get this song out of my head. This track is oddly reminiscent on an early Wombats hit in both its charming, drunken sound, and its happy “I hate you” vibe. More catchy than a pop fly, “Barberella” should be bigger than it is, and if you like pub rock, give it a listen.

ROMP – Drive

A New Brunswick based band that pulled me into the local music scene kicking and screaming. “Drive” was the first ROMP track to get a hold of my heart, followed by many others. It’s just so sweet and sincere, a lot like the band that wrote it. The New Brunswick Underground scene got a little colder when ROMP broke up. They will be missed.

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