5 Songs You Should Listen To

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Need something new to kick it to? Haven’t got a clue what to do? Check out these songs I’ve picked for you.

Amber Coffman – “No Coffee” 

A lovely and melodic tune, Amber Coffman’s “No Coffee” reminds me of better times. It’s simple, and mostly acoustic, save for some calming, simple chords that beat throughout the song. Catchy and cute, the lyrics spin themselves between much more solid, ground out, pillars of sound. I’m calling it rainy day, bus riding, music.

White Reaper – “The Stack”

Lo-fi garage rock, “The Stack” has some really tasty licks, (are we still saying that?) and a whole bunch of fun energy. White Reaper has been known for their driving guitar for some time now, and “The Stack” helps to remind us why. It sounds like something you should be bouncing too in a sweaty basement to.

Adventure – “Wild Wild Ride”

As John Cleese would say “And now for something completely different.” Adventure‘s track”Wild Wild Ride” is a chiptune banger for the ages. Let it take you back. Melodic and complex, but not overwhelmingly so, “Wild Wild Ride” sounds like everyone’s favorite sunny level on that 2D platformer we all loved. “Wild Wild Ride” will bring back memories you didn’t know you had.

 Crying – “Premonitory Dream”

If dreamy rock is your thing, Crying’s “Premonitory Dream” is the soft spoken kick ass track you didn’t know you needed in your life. Catchy guitar hooks and weird spacey synth work together to bring you something special. Let Crying light up the horizon for you with this one.

Bad Cop, Bad Cop – “Retrograde”

All killer no filler, Bad Cop, Bad Cop does it again. “Retrograde” kicks your ass and doesn’t stop for 3 whole minutes. Like a pop-ier version of White Lung, Bad Cop, Bad Cop mixes pop-punk vibes with much scratchier vocals for an effect you won’t soon forget. Put down your ham sandwich and take a listen.


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– Ryan Manns